Starting on July 14th, join a Cloud Hero weekly hands-on lab game during Next OnAir to practice your skills. For each game, you will find a curated collection of labs relevant to the week’s theme. In each of the games, you can pick and choose which hands-on labs to do, or try them all. Play with other attendees and compete to see yourself on the leaderboard. 

The weekly game link and its access code will be released on Tuesdays at 9AM PDT below. Week 1’s game will be available from July 14th 9AM PDT to the following Tuesday 8:59AM PDT. Seats in each game are limited. The games are free to play and hosted on Qwiklabs, Google Cloud’s hands-on learning platform. To participate, you will need a Qwiklabs account; you can create one for free today using this link.  Please see the official rules before participating; by joining a game, you are opting into the terms included below. 

No game for Week 2. Tune into Cloud Study Jam for lab walkthroughs.

Winners and the top of the leaderboard for each week’s game will be showcased here. Check back in to see if you made it onto the leaderboard! 

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