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Use code 1q-diwali-2021 to join

Log into Google Cloud Skills Boost and join the game. You can play each lab up to 5 times to get your best score.

See where you rank

Earn points by completing each of the lab objectives as fast as you can. Good luck! (Your position on the leaderboard doesn't matter when it comes to prizes for this challenge.)

We are here to assist

Got questions about a lab or game? Head over to the forum to get your questions answered.

Earn the game badge and get a chance to take home one of these exciting goodies!*

...and complete one of these skill badges, and we'll add a sticker pack to your shipment!


  1. Skill badge completion date must be during the same time frame as the Diwali challenge, i.e. November 1 to 9, 2021.

  2. You must also complete the Diwali 2021 challenge badge to be eligible for the sticker pack.

Select any of the below skill badges and use code 1q-diwali-2021 to get free access (you'll get one lab free, then upon successfully completing it, you'll activate one month free):

Already started the badge? Great! Go ahead and finish up. Already completed some of the badges listed? Great work! Choose one you haven't completed yet to be eligible. Good luck!

Challenge FAQs**

  1. Why should I join the challenge?

  • Just by enrolling, you get free access to valuable hands-on training. Earn badges to showcase what you’ve learned to your professional network, plus get a chance to win a prize.

  1. What level of expertise is required for this challenge?

  • You can start this challenge with little or no cloud experience. We recommend that you start with the Essentials track. All labs in this challenge were selected to be approachable for cloud newcomers, but also interesting for cloud pros.

  1. Are you new to Qwiklabs?

Welcome, we are so glad you're here! Create your account and take a quick (free) tour to get oriented.

  1. Is any purchase required?

  • No. Use the links and access codes on this page to get free access. Even if you do not earn a prize, this is a great opportunity to learn something new!

  1. How long do I have to complete this challenge?

  • You need to complete all the labs present in the game and earn the badge before November 9, 2021.**

  1. What if I don't complete all the labs in the game before it ends?

  • Keep an eye on the start and end times (always visible at the top of every game page). Once the game ends, the challenge is over.

  1. Why would the challenge end early?

  • We do our best to ensure a great experience for all challenge participants. If there’s overwhelming interest and prizes are all claimed sooner than the game's current schedule, we may end the challenge early.

  1. One of the labs is down for maintenance and I cannot complete the game. What should I do?

  • Cloud technology moves fast, sometimes faster than lab manuals can keep up. If a game lab is offline for maintenance, we’ll work to get it back online as soon as possible.

  1. Can I share this challenge with coworkers/friends/family/my dentist?

  • Yes! We strongly believe that learning new skills is a lifelong process and we are passionate about helping folks gain new skills to aid personal and professional goals. Please feel free to share this challenge with your network.

  1. I am also participating in other Qwiklabs and Google Cloud programs. Am I eligible to join this challenge?

  • Yes! We hope that you take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills. Please note that different programs have varying requirements.

  1. Will I receive a certificate after completing the challenge?

  • No. As you successfully complete games, you’ll add game badges to your Skills Boost profile. There are no separate certificates.

  1. I don’t see any score updated next to the lab that I performed in the game.

    • The most important thing to see is a “check” mark next to the lab. Most labs will also list scores, but not all. In cases where a lab has only a completion check, and no points, this setting is true for all players (not just you). You are not at a points disadvantage.

  2. I completed all the labs but I don’t have a badge.

    • It can take 24 hours for full completion to appear in your profile.

  3. I ran into an issue not answered in the FAQs. Where can I get help?

  • Your first stop for quick help is the GCC. Your question may have already been answered. If not, post your question. The whole community can help answer questions and share information.

Prize FAQs*

  1. What will be the prizes?

    • You will get to choose between an organizer and a black water bottle while supplies last.* One user is eligible to get only one prize (not both). You will also be eligible for a pack of stickers if you complete one of the listed skill badges between the given dates , while supplies last.

  2. How do I get a prize?

  • If you have earned the Diwali 2021 badge, you will be eligible to receive a prize. If you have completed all the skill badges on the list, you'd be eligible for a sticker pack.*

  • If you have completed some of the skill badges on the list, complete the ones you haven't to be eligible. If you have completed all the skill badges already, you won't be eligible for the sticker pack.

  1. When will I get the prize?

  • You’ll be contacted via email by November 30 2021 with details to claim your prize, while prize supplies last. Check your email opt-in preferences (0:24). Please do not contact the Qwiklabs support team about prizes.*

  1. How do I claim the prize?

  • All you have to do is earn the Diwali 2021 game badge. Check the “My Learning” page in your Qwiklabs profile to see your game status. You do not need to take further action once you have successfully earned the badge.

  1. When do prizes get delivered?

  • Prize notifications will go out to challenge completers (folks who have earned Diwali with Qwiklabs 2021 badge) by November 31 2021. Prize notifications will go to the email address associated with your Qwiklabs account.* Want to make sure you get important updates? Add us to your contacts and check your communication settings in your Qwiklabs profile (0:24).

  1. Am I guaranteed to get a prize if I complete the challenge successfully?

  • Unfortunately no. Prizes are available while supplies last. Participants will be notified of prize eligibility according to the order in which they complete the challenge, and participants will have a limited time to claim prizes.

  1. What happens if prizes go out of stock?

  • Prizes are awarded in order of challenge completion.* The sooner you earn the game badge, the closer to the front of the line you’ll be. If prizes go out of stock due to overwhelming interest, the challenge may end early.

Prizes are available only while supplies last, for a limited time.

*Prizes are available only while supplies last, for a limited time. Items pictured are similar to the challenge prizes, but may not be exactly the same. First come, first serve.

**The game may end early, at any time. This might happen if there is overwhelming interest.

Don't see your question answered here?

Did you read the FAQs? Are you sure your question has not already been answered?

Do you want to learn more about Google Cloud?

If you're just getting started with GCP, check out these skill badges. They are not required, and DO NOT count towards a sticker pack, but can help you get oriented and learn the basics. You have free access to them with the code above.

  • Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks

  • Perform Foundational Data, ML, AI Tasks in Google Cloud

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