Celebrate this Diwali in the Cloud with Qwiklabs. Complete the four skill badges below and share on social with #QwiklabsDiwali to get an exclusive voucher to the Qwiklabs Perkstore.

This is a limited time offer valid till Diwali only i.e. 13th - 16th of November, 2020.

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Day 1

Health is wealth. This Dhanteras learn to take good care of your application's health.

Day 2

Need to get up early for Diwali? Let google assistant wake you up. Learn how to build an interactive app with Google Assistant.

Day 3

You don’t have to leave it to luck - learn to make predictions and better business decisions with AI and ML.

Day 4

This Bhaidooj learn about the sibling bond between Kubernetes and Google Cloud.

Take home one of these exciting goodies!


Q: I have already completed all the four skill badges. Can I still get the free voucher?

A: Congratulations on earning all the four skill badges! While those who have already completed these quests aren’t eligible for perkstore codes, you can still participate with free access to Qwiklabs, and stay tuned for the next challenge.

Q: I already have earned 1-3 of the badges. Am I eligible to get the perkstore code voucher?

A: Yes, redeem the code and complete the remaining badge(s) to be eligible.

Q: When will I receive my free voucher?

A: The vouchers will be distributed on Friday i.e. 20th November, 2020.

Q. Am I eligible for all the goodies mentioned above after completing the mentioned skill badges?

A. Each eligible participant will receive only one voucher code which can be redeemed for only a single item present in the Qwiklabs perkstore (The steps to redeem the voucher will be communicated via email).

Q: My account is blocked! What should I do?

A: Reach out to support@qwiklabs.com in case your account is blocked or if you have any other queries.

Q: What’s Diwali?

A: Back in 2008, Diwali was featured in this Google Doodle. Here’s more about the Indian festival of lights.

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