Learn to Earn Cloud Data Challenge

Thanks for stopping by! The latest Learn to Earn challenge has ended. Looking forward to the next challenge? Head over to Arcade and get hands-on experience with tech like Apps Script, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Firebase, and more.

See past prize counter details for Arcade:

Prize FAQs

  1. How do I get a prize?

    • You will be eligible for the prize based on what badges you've earned. Please check the prize matrix to know if you're eligible or not.

  2. When will I get the prize?

    • You’ll be contacted by August 31, 2022 with details to claim a prize (please ensure you're opted in, and consider adding us to your contacts). Please do not contact the Google Cloud Skills Boost support team about prizes.

  3. How do I claim the prize?

    • Earn game badges, according to the guidelines at go.qwiklabs.com/learn-to-earn. Check the “My Learning” page in your Qwiklabs profile to see the game badges you have earned. You do not need to take further action once you have successfully earned all badges.

  4. When do prizes get delivered?

    • Prize notifications will go out to eligible participants by August 31, 2022. Prize notifications will go to the email address associated with your Google Cloud Skills Boost account.

  5. Am I guaranteed to get a prize if I complete the challenge successfully?

    • Unfortunately no. Prizes are available while supplies last. Participants will be notified of prize eligibility according to the order in which they complete the challenge, and participants will have a limited time to claim prizes.

  6. What happens if prizes go out of stock?

    • Prizes are awarded in order of challenge completion. The sooner you earn all three badges, the closer to the front of the line you’ll be.

  7. What if I get my prize and don’t like it. Can I trade it in?

    • Short answer, no. But please drop us feedback in the Learning Hub community so we can adjust next time!

  8. What if I want different prizes?

    • We have a set list of prizes for this challenge. But we’d love to hear if there are other items that would interest you. Drop us a note in the learning hub community and let us know what you might like to see in future!

  9. Do I have to have a community profile to participate?

    • No, but you should! Join the conversation and be the first to hear about upcoming challenges.

  10. I don’t see the prize which I want. What should I do?

    • Prizes are limited and are distributed on a first come first serve basis. If you do not see the prize which you want it is because it went out of stock. Please claim as soon as possible to get the prize of your choice.

  11. Does rank matter in learn to earn cloud data challenge?

    • Nope! Rank on the leaderboard does not matter for prize eligibility.

  12. I have completed all my lab work but still I ended up being at a very low position at the leaderboard....How?

  13. Where will the prize be delivered?

    • You will have an opportunity to provide your preferred shipping address when you claim your prize.**

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