For the second year running, IT departments worldwide are investing the most budget and resources in cybersecurity, making it a big priority in 2022.

So this year, make a commitment to yourself and your career. Build your security skills with the Learn to Earn Cloud Security Challenge. You'll get free access to 25+ hands-on labs, plus an opportunity to win, grow your network, and showcase your skills.

How to Join the Challenge

Complete each game below to learn new skills, earn badges, and get prizes based on your achievements.

This is a limited time offer valid only through January 31, 2022 or earlier.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up here. This is how we'll determine your completion, and where we'll contact you if you're eligible for a prize.

  2. Copy your code, then join ONLY the levels you have NOT completed below. Details here.

  3. Start tracking your progress in the GCC learning logs. Be sure to tag your post with #LearnToEarn!

  4. Earn ALL THREE game badges.

One prize maximum per participant. Prizes are not cumulative. While supplies last, limited time only. Actual item might differ in size and design. You'll be notified by email before March 31, 2022 if you are eligible for a prize. See below for details.

Level 1

Familiarize yourself with basic security concepts and tools

Access code:


Level 2

Go deeper with complex environments and scenarios

Access code:


Please head over to the Challenge FAQ section to find the old game links. Note: If you have completed a level and earned the badge you do not need to play it again.

Prizes: Complete games and earn badges to take home one of these exciting prizes*!


Here's how the challenge works:

  1. Complete all labs in each level to earn all 3 of the challenge badges.

  2. Earn badges to qualify for prizes.

  3. At the end of the challenge, we'll check your progress and determine your prize eligibility.

Please make sure to opt-in for marketing emails from us to ensure that you don't miss out on updates related to the challenge.

One prize tier per participant. Prizes are not cumulative across tiers. Prizes are available only while supplies last, limited time only. Actual item might differ in size and design. The challenge may end early at any point. Questions? Please see Challenge FAQs or Prize FAQs below.

New to Google Cloud Skills Boost? Welcome!

Challenge FAQs**

  1. Why should I join the challenge?

  • Just by enrolling, you get free access to valuable hands-on training. Earn badges to showcase what you’ve learned to your professional network, plus get a chance to win a prize.

  1. Where would I find the game access codes?

  2. What level of expertise is required for this challenge?

  • You can start this challenge with little or no cloud experience. The labs get more complex as you go along. You may find yourself taking a lab more than once to achieve a passing score.

  1. Are you new to Google Cloud Skills Boost?

    • Welcome, we are so glad you're here! Create your account and take a quick (free) tour to get oriented.

  2. Is any purchase required?

  • No. Use the links and access codes on this page to get free access to 25+ hands-on labs. Even if you do not earn a prize, this is a great opportunity to learn something new!

  1. How long do I have to complete this challenge?

  • Each game is scheduled to run for one week. New games will open up as seats fill up. Note the game’s end date when you join. At any point during the challenge, complete all badges successfully at least once. The challenge may end early depending on prize availability.

  1. When should I complete each game?

  • You can choose to do all three games all at once. Or you can complete one game a week for the duration of the challenge. Or anything in between to suit your schedule. Keep in mind that the challenge is only available for a limited time.*

  1. What if I play one of the games more than once and earn multiple versions of the same badge? (Multiple Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 badges?)

  • Earning multiple copies of a badge will not count towards prize eligibility.

  1. What if I don't complete all the labs in the game before it ends?

  • You'll have opportunities to complete each game multiple times throughout the challenge. However the labs you complete in one game will not count towards completion in a different game, so keep an eye on the start and end times (always visible at the top of every game page).*

  1. Why would the challenge end early?

  • We do our best to ensure a great experience for all challenge participants. If there’s overwhelming interest and prizes are all claimed sooner than January 31, 2022, we may end the challenge early.

  1. One of the labs is down for maintenance and I cannot complete the game. What should I do?

  • Cloud technology moves fast, sometimes faster than lab manuals can keep up. If a game lab is offline for maintenance, we’ll work to get it back online as soon as possible. We’ll also publish a replacement game with an alternative lab so you are not blocked. Replacement games, if needed, will be available on this page.

  1. Can I share this challenge with coworkers/friends/family/my dentist?

  • Yes! We strongly believe that learning new skills is a lifelong process and we are passionate about helping folks gain new skills to aid personal and professional goals. Please feel free to share this challenge with your network.

  1. I am also participating in other Google Cloud Skills Boost and Google Cloud programs. Am I eligible to join this challenge?

  • Yes! We hope that you take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills. Please note that different programs have varying requirements, and requirements for the Learn to Earn Cloud Security Challenge may differ from other programs.

  1. Will I receive a certificate after completing the Learn to Earn Cloud Security Challenge?

  • No. As you successfully complete games, you’ll add game badges to your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile. There are no separate certificates.

  1. I noticed the game link changed. What's up with that?

  2. I have completed some of the labs in the previous games. Can I take the just the remaining labs to earn the badge?

    • Unfortunately like all other games once the game is over you’ll have to start from the beginning and complete all the labs again to earn the badge. We recommend you complete it before the deadline.

  3. I don’t see any score updated next to the lab that I performed in one of the games.

    • The most important thing to see is a “check” mark next to the lab. Most labs will also list scores, but not all. In cases where a lab has only a completion check, and no points, this setting is true for all players (not just you). You are not at a points disadvantage.

  4. I completed all the labs but I don’t have a badge.

    • It can take 24 hours for full completion to appear in your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile.

  5. I ran into an issue not answered in the FAQs. Where can I get help?

  • Your first stop for quick help is the GCC. Your question may have already been answered. If not, post your question. The whole community can help answer questions and share information.

**The Learn to Earn Cloud Security Challenge and all associated games may end at any time before January 31, 2022.

Prize FAQs***

  1. How do I get a prize?

  • If you have earned all three (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) of the game badges you will be eligible to receive the top tier prize. See the “Prizes” section on this page for more information about prize tiers.**

  1. When will I get the prize?

  • If you earn all three game badges, you’ll be contacted by March 31, 2022 with details to claim your prize, while prize supplies last. Please do not contact the Google Cloud Skills Boost support team about prizes.**

  1. How do I claim the prize?

  • All you have to do is earn all three game badges. Check the “My Learning” page in your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile to see your game status. You do not need to take further action once you have successfully earned all three badges. **

  1. When do prizes get delivered?

  • Prize notifications will go out to challenge completers (folks who have earned all three challenge badges, (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 2) by January 31, 2022 or earlier. Prize notifications will go to the email address associated with your Google Cloud Skills Boost account.** Want to make sure you get important updates? Add us to your contacts and check your communication settings in your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile.

  1. Am I guaranteed to get a prize if I complete the challenge successfully?

  • Unfortunately no. Prizes are available while supplies last. Participants will be notified of prize eligibility according to the order in which they complete the challenge, and participants will have a limited time to claim prizes.

  1. What happens if prizes go out of stock?

  • Prizes are awarded in order of challenge completion.** The sooner you earn all three badges, the closer to the front of the line you’ll be. If prizes go out of stock due to overwhelming interest, the challenge may end early.

  1. What if I get my prize and don’t like it. Can I trade it in?

    • Short answer, no. But please drop us feedback in the Learning Hub community so we can adjust next time!

  2. What if I want different prizes?

    • We have a set list of prizes for this challenge. But we’d love to hear if there are other items that would interest you. Drop us a note in the learning hub community and let us know what you might like to see in future!

  3. Do I have to have a community profile to participate?

    • No, but you should! Join the conversation and be the first to hear about upcoming challenges (yep we’re doing this again).

  4. I don’t see the prize which I want. What should I do?

    • Prizes are limited and are distributed on a first come first serve basis. If you do not see the prize which you want it is because it went out of stock. Please order your prizes as soon as possible to get the prize of your choice.

  5. Does rank matter in Learn to Earn Cloud Security challenge?

    • Nope! Rank on the leaderboard does not matter for prize eligibility. Earning challenge badges is the key for prize eligibility.

  6. I have completed all my lab work but still I ended up at being at very low position at the leaderboard....How? And some of them are doing the same lab work but their points differ very much from mine.

  7. Where will the prize be delivered?

  • You will have an opportunity to provide your preferred shipping address when you claim your prize.**

***Prizes are available only while supplies last, for a limited time.

**The Learn to Earn Cloud Security Challenge and all associated games may end at any time before January 31, 2022.

***Prizes are available only while supplies last, for a limited time.

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