1: Learn something new!

Finish 2021 strong! This week, you are invited to learn something new. Ever tried building a secure network in the cloud? Or developing an app without using code? All aboard the #QwiklabsExpress for a holiday learning journey!

Get your ticket, then take one lab free. When you complete the lab, you'll activate a free 1-month pass to the entire lab catalog.

2: Join the conversation for some holiday cheer

Once you have your ticket, head on over to the Learning Hub. Pour yourself a cup of tea and share what you're learning today!

Did you earn a new skill badge? Post it and share what you learned! (And watch your GCC notifications - we'll be unwrapping gifts too).

3: Decorate!

It's not just about trimming the tree. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile to showcase your learning journey! Did you know that digital credentials increase your visibility on LinkedIn by 600%? Make your profile look great by uploading a custom banner. Check out this week's drop.

Here's how to upload a LinkedIn banner

Here's an example.

Want to learn more about the challenge?

Head to over to Learning hub to join the conversation

Challenge FAQs

  1. How do I get free access to labs?

    • Click on the Claim Ticket! button on the top of the page.

    • Click on Enroll and it will redirect you to Cloud Skills Boost catalog page and one window will pop up.

    • Paste the access code and click on Submit.

    • Then Sign in to Qwiklabs / Cloud Skills Boost account. You will be granted with 9 credits (If you don't get 9 credits then Sign out and then Sign in again).

    • Choose any quest from the Catalog and click on Enroll in this Quest button.

    • Complete the first lab and then click on End Lab button. You receive a free monthly pass to complete the quest.

  2. Why should I join the challenge?

  • Just by enrolling, you get free access to valuable hands-on training. Earn badges to showcase what you’ve learned to your professional network, plus check step 2 for a special community challenge.

  1. What level of expertise is required for this challenge?

  • You can start with little or no cloud experience.

  1. Are you new to Qwiklabs and/or Skills Boost?

Welcome, we are so glad you're here! Create your account and take a qwik (free) tour to get oriented.

  1. Is any purchase required?

  • No. Use the links and access codes on this page to get free access.

  1. How long do I have to complete this challenge?

  • The #QwiklabsExpress journey ends on or before Dec. 31 2021.

  1. One of the labs is down for maintenance. What should I do?

  • Cloud technology moves fast, sometimes faster than lab manuals can keep up. If a lab is offline for maintenance, we’ll work to get it back online as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can complete other labs and quests.

  1. Can I share this challenge with coworkers/friends/family/my dentist?

  • Yes! We strongly believe that learning new skills is a lifelong process and we are passionate about helping folks gain new skills to aid personal and professional goals. Please feel free to share this challenge with your network.

  1. I am also participating in other Qwiklabs and Google Cloud programs. Am I eligible to join this challenge?

  • Yes! We hope that you take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills. Please note that different programs have varying requirements.

  1. I ran into an issue not answered in the FAQs. Where can I get help?

  • Your first stop for quick help is the GCC. Your question may have already been answered. If not, post your question. The whole community can help answer questions and share information.

Don't see your question answered here?

Did you read the FAQs? Are you sure your question has not already been answered?

Do you want to learn more about Google Cloud?

If you're just getting started with GCP, check out these skill badges:

  • Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks

  • Perform Foundational Data, ML, AI Tasks in Google Cloud

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