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Skill badge security pathway

Build Google Cloud skills and demonstrate your proficiency.

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Google Cloud skill badges

Google Cloud skill badges are credentials that recognize your proven cloud competencies. They provide access to real-world, hands-on experience that helps you hone your skills as cloud technology continues to advance.

Complete these 4 Google Cloud skill badges and earn your Security in Google Cloud partner badge from NYU*. First you will learn how to create and manage cloud resources using Cloud Shell and deploy virtual machines in Compute Engine. Next you’ll learn about the fundamental features of cloud security, about multiple networking-related resources to build, scale, and secure applications on Google Cloud, and about security at scale on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

1 - Create and Manage Cloud Resources

Introductory quest

5 labs + challenge lab

2 - Ensure Access and Identity in Google Cloud

Fundamental quest

7 labs + challenge lab

3 - Build and Secure Networks in the Cloud

Advanced quest

5 labs + challenge lab

4 - Secure Workloads in Google Kubernetes Engine

Advanced quest

6 labs + challenge lab

Recommended prerequisites

Consult labs in the Kubernetes Solutions quest before completing this skill badge Challenge Lab

* After you’ve completed the four skill badges, email with the link to your Qwiklabs public profile as evidence of completion.

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