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Google Cloud Computing Foundations with Kubernetes

Complete this five-course series in order.

This five-course series is designed for students with little to no experience in cloud computing and is an ideal foundation for diverse career paths. Build your cloud skills and demonstrate your proficiency by earning badges along the way.

Prerequisites include general edu requirements for introductory CS courses and basic understanding of IT principles.

1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals

2. Infrastructure in Google Cloud

3. Networking and Security in Google Cloud

4. Data, ML, and AI in Google Cloud

5. Kubernetes Engine Fundamentals

Google Cloud skill badges

Ready to take the next step and challenge yourself to earn Google Cloud skill badges? With over 20 skill badge quests covering infrastructure, application development, data and ML, and more...your learning possibilities are endless.

Note - complete the above 5 courses in order and then take up the challenge lab to get the below skill badges & show off your skills on your social media & resume :D

Having trouble enrolling?

    1. Before your try to enroll for this program - make sure you have signed up on the FutureSkills Prime portal

    2. Now Open the Landing page

    3. Click on the Enroll button, fill up the Enrollment form with your First name, Last name, Google Cloud Skills Boost email address, Google Cloud Skills Boost Public Profile link, Organization information etc correctly

    4. Submit the form

    5. Sign up in case you don't have a Google Cloud Skills Boost account yet -

    6. After submitting the enrollment form you will get a Thank you message with Disclaimer for FutureSkills Prime Sign up

    7. Kindly look out for an email within 7 working days after the last enrollment date to get your access to the Google Cloud Skills Boost course and 200 credits in your account

    8. After 7 working days, click on the Course 1 “Cloud Computing Fundamentals” Enroll button mentioned in the landing page or look out for the email you have received to get started with Course.

    9. Enroll and Complete the first three courses within 1 month of enrollment

    10. Once you complete the first 3 Courses & earn 3 course completion badge, you will receive additional 400 Google Cloud Skills Boost credits to take the remaining 2 courses

    11. On completion of the first three Courses you will get remaining credits by end of respective month as your performance is evaluated on 25th of every month.

    12. The maximum number of credits you would receive for this course is 600, so we request you to use them wisely.

    13. Check out the video to follow the steps

Program related FAQs

What is the last date to complete the program?

  • Cohort 1 for GCCF with Kubernetes Program which started on 22nd October will end on 22nd April 2023

  • Cohort 2 for GCCF with Kubernetes Program which started on 17th February 2023 will end on 17th August 2023

Who can take up this Course?

    • Students or Professionals looking to build cloud computing skills

    • Prerequisite - A basic understanding of IT principles and an interest in learning more about cloud computing and ML.

    • Familiarity with at least one language, like Python or Java, and the basics of shell scripting is helpful.

How can I be eligible for taking up this Course?

    • You have already signed up on FutureSkills Prime portal

    • You have filled the enrollment form mentioned above before the last date of enrollment

    • You enter correct Google Cloud Skills Boost email address & Public profile URL as asked in the enrollment form

What is the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the program?

    • You need to have access to a working internet connection & a laptop with the latest chrome browser.

Do I need a Google Cloud Skills Boost account?

    • Yes, you will need to create a Google Cloud Skills Boost account if you don’t have one already. Creating an account is always free of charge. If you already have an account, simply log in.

How long does it take to complete a lab?

    • Labs take between 15 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the lab itself. You can find lab duration listed on the site.

I forgot my credentials registered on FutureSkills Prime portal.

    • There are 2 ways you can go about it -

      1. Recover your credentials through “forgot password” mentioned on the FutureSkills Prime sign up page

      2. Create a new account on FutureSkills Prime portal & refill the enrollment form mentioned on the landing page again before the last date of enrollment to be eligible for accessing this Course.

I was unable to access the Course this time due to limited seats/I was not eligible for the Course/When can I apply for the Course again?

    • We are sorry that you were not able to apply for the Course this time or were not eligible for the Course. We will soon start our next cohort and FutureSkills Prime will keep you updated by email for the next enrollment batch start date.

When will I get the remaining credits to complete the Course?

    • Every 25th of the month your performance is tracked. If you complete the first 3 Courses and earn the badges before 25th of any month you can expect to get an email within 7 working days with unique campaign code in it to redeem 400 credits. The maximum number of credits you would receive for this course is 600, so use them wisely.

Will the learners receive any certificate after the successful completion of the program?

    • Yes, once the user has completed all the 5 courses then he/she can receive the Course completion Certificate on their email and digital badges from Google on their Google Cloud Skills Boost profile.

How will my Course completion be counted?

    • Your Course is counted as completed when you earn the 5 Course badges associated with it. The Course badge looks like the one mentioned above in the landing page.

How long will it take to get my completion Certificate after I complete all 5 Courses?

    • Once you complete the 5 Courses & your performance is evaluated, you will get the Certificate on your registered email address within 10 working days after the 25th of every month.

Google Cloud Skills Boost related FAQs

I have a question/issue with a lab or I need help with Google Cloud Skills Boost. What should I do?

  • Let us know! You can email us directly at or Click on the “Help” icon on the right hand side title bar of the Google Cloud Skills Boost page and click on the Email Support” option to connect with us. [NOTE: Don’t forget to add EDU NASSCOM HELP in the subject line of the email]

  • For Chat support: You can click on the help icon and select “Chat support” [Note: Don't forget to select “i. Google Cloud EDU Program” department before reaching out to the support team via Chat]

How to find my Google Cloud Skills Boost Public Profile URL?

    • When you make your profile public, you are able to share your achievements with your social network. This profile includes your first name and the first initial of your last name, number of labs taken, number of quests completed, your badges, and your photo (if you have a photo associated with your Google account).

    • To make your profile public, simply:

      1. Open a new internet browser.

      2. Although all popular browsers are supported, for the best user experience it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Chrome OS. Please check your device here for compatibility.

      3. Open Google Cloud Skills Boost account

      4. Click on Profile tab on the home page

      5. Under your name, click on “Make badge profile public” and you will get a shareable link.

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